Current exhibition:
Past exhibitions:
An interactive exhibition of paintings, inspired by the works of Stanisław Lem, on the occasion of the establishment of the year 2021 to be The Year of Lem by the Parliament of the Republic of Poland.
The project combines literature and painting into a coherent audio-visual experience.
The exhibition consists of 20 paintings, made in the acrylic on canvas technique. Each painting has a QR code placed on its description plate. After scanning the code, an audio file is played on the receiver’s device from the server of the Tischner European University in Cracow – a short drabble prose form, related to the painting.
"Simeon Genew: Paintings"
Atropos gallery
(Cracow, Fabryka Club 2011)
"38 pcs"
(Cracow, WBP, 2012)
"Reports from The Kuiper's Belt"
(Cracow, Arteteka WBP, 2019)

"Planet of Darkness And Other Fantastic Stories"
interactive exhibition with audio story experience

(Cracow, Arteteka WBP, 2021)

"The City"
(together with Joanna Róg-Ociepka)
exhibition with additional augmented reality content

(Cracow, Comics Museum Foundation,  2023)

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